Tyler Ramsey - For The Morning //Concord// (Released 19th April)


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£18.99 – LP

Tyler Ramsey, the former Band Of Horses co-writer and guitarist, is set to release For The Morning, his exquisite first solo album since leaving the acclaimed indie band in 2017. Written and produced by Ramsey, the new album features 10 captivating songs, deeply rooted in his poetic lyricism, razor-sharp instrumentation and gorgeous, languid vocals.

Ramsey grew up absorbing the country-blues guitar players who used to roam the mountainous region of his Asheville, North Carolina home, including Mance Lipscomb, Mississippi John Hurt and renowned pickers like John Fahey and Leo Kottke. Equally adept at playing guitar, keyboards, bass and percussion, he has distinguished himself as a gifted songwriter, a sublime vocalist and an inventive, influential musician.

While Ramsey’s writing has been compared to Neil Young, Gram Parsons, Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens, the new album – with songs such as “A Dream Of Home”, “Breaking A Heart” and “Evening Country” – smartly blends elements of rock, Americana and folk, taking the listener on their own meditative, soulful and rewarding journey.

Tyler Ramsey’s luminous, natural artistry, along with his elegant new album For The Morning, are sure to make him one of 2019’s most intriguing and admired new arrivals.


  1. Your Whole Life
  2. A Dream Of Home
  3. White Coat
  4. Breaking A Heart
  5. Darkest Clouds
  6. The Bottom Of The Sea
  7. Firewood
  8. Cheap Summer Dress
  9. Evening Country
  10. For The Morning

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