UNLOVED - "THE PINK ALBUM" (Released 9th September 2022)





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Unloved’s latest release, THE PINK ALBUM, is dawn and dusk, the epic and the intimate. This 22-track double album, its title inspired by the artwork of Julian House, features collaborations with Jarvis Cocker, Étienne Daho, Raven Violet and Jon Spencer. Pink has its modulations: shocking at times but signifying also tenderness, intimacy, the carnal. THE PINK ALBUM knows the shades of love, its nuances, and how it can be delicious – and frightening. Marvellous – and aching. Rather than be the silver lining to the cloud, THE PINK ALBUM mines deeper, to a precious ore, dark and glittering.

Unloved: Jade Vincent, Keefus Ciancia, David Holmes. The machinations of a benevolent fate brought them together. A glorious serendipity. In Los Angeles, Ciancia – producer, keyboardist, creator of soundtracks, True Detective among them – met David Holmes, the innovative, inquisitive and ingenious Belfast DJ who recast himself as master of song and image for film and television. Ciancia invited Holmes to the Rotary Room in Los Feliz, where the extraordinary Jade Vincent was singing.

And now, in 2022, it’s the magnificent, metaphysical PINK ALBUM. Be seduced by the whispered, languorous, bluesy, not so sweet nothings of “Love Experiment” and the lippy insouciance of “Turn of the screw”. Thrill to the infinite variety: “Mother’s been a bad girl” is brazen, and “I don’t like you anymore” gloriously sultry. “Foolin’”, where languid, world-weary jazz sounds are skewed by a phantasmagoric organ from a funfair hallucinated, and there’s the sparkling fury and celestial chorus of “Rainbrose”, as though some flower-festooned goddess is emerging.


01. Rainbrose
02. Waiting for tomorrow
03. Now
04. Girl can’t help it
05. I don’t like you anymore
06. Foolin’
07. Mother’s been a bad girl
08. Boowaah
09. Lucky
10. WTC
11. Sorry, Baby
12. Number in my phone
13. Call me when you have a clue
14. No Substance
15. Love Experiment
16. Turn of the screw
17. To the day I die
18. Walk on, Yeah
19. Accountable
20. There’s no way
21. Ever
22. Thinkin’ about her

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2xLP Gatefold Vinyl