Various Artists - Radiohead In Jazz //Wagram// (Released 15th March)


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£16.99 – LP

In an interview for Jazz Times back in 2001, Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood spoke to journalist George Varga praising Miles Davis’ iconic album Bitches Brew (1969) and commenting on the influence of jazz music in their own work; “We love all the atmosphere and chaos on Bitches Brew; the fat, dirty sound of two electric pianos and the multiple drummers. That’s why Bitches Brew is so good, beyond just Miles’ trumpet playing. We love how he got together that sense of chaos”. This jazz influence is most evident in the way Radiohead have come to increasingly abandon conventional instrumentation and song structures in favour of a radically deconstructed approach to composition and performance.

Fittingly then Radiohead’s own compositions, whose complex time signatures and harmonies are surprisingly well suited to a jazz reinterpretation, are covered here by contemporary jazz artists including Jamie Cullum, Yaron Herman, and Noordpool Orchestra (who in 2012 released the album Radiohead, A Jazz Symphony).


A1. High And Dry – Jamie Cullum, Geoff Gascoyne & Sebastian de Krom

A2. Everything In Its Right Place – Magnetic Ear

A3. Creep – Richard Cheese

A4. Fake Plastic Trees – Ian Toms Trio

A5. Little By Little – Dan White Sextet

B1. No Surprises – Yaron Herman Trio

B2. Paranoid Android – Michael Udelson Trio

B3. Knives Out – Terni Jazz Orchestra

B4. Everything In Its Right Place / Pyramid Song – Noordpool Orchestra

B5. Motion Picture Soundtrack – Marco Sanguinetti

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