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WILLIAM DOYLE - "NEAR FUTURE RESIDENCE" (Released 19th August 2022)



//Tough Love//

£21.99 – 1xLP

Near Future Residence is music for an imagined place based on real ideas; the soundtrack for an ecologically sustainable housing development somewhere in a not-too-distant future Britain. The eleven instrumental pieces here come from a place of optimism, imagining a future that is based on cooperation, community and ecological urbanism. It’s music intended to sit in this imagined environment rather than impose upon it, similar in principle to the function of Kankyō Ongaku (Japanese environmental music). The ideas contained on Near Future Residence laid the groundwork for – and can be seen as a companion piece to – the album Your Wilderness Revisited, released to critical acclaim in 2019. Doyle explains how the pieces “were composed in entirely generative ways using samples of instruments, synthesisers and field recordings I’ve collected and developed throughout 2018. In generative composition, rules are set and parameters are chosen and then put into motion, the results constantly changing and surprising.”


  1. Flexford forest community choir
  2. Cadence gardens, 2026 sightings at Tangmere Close
  3. Music for the 3rd floor atrium
  4. Rose building improv group
  5. Next door’s granular band practice
  6. Hocombe astral projection society (abridged)
  7. New European optimism
  8. Derwenthorpe rainwater harvest
  9. Municipal harmonics
  10. Near future residence