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WILLIAM DOYLE - "THE DREAM DEREALISED" (Released 19th August 2022)




//Tough Love//

£21.99 – 1xLP

The Dream Derealised is a collection of nine abstract, lo-fi pieces that were recorded during the summer of 2016, when focusing on creating them helped guide Doyle through a “difficult period of anxiety, panic and a regular dissociative feeling called derealisation.” At the time, doing something creative in a quick and immediate fashion felt vital to Doyle, carrying him to a new place: “I’m releasing them now as a cathartic measure, and as a message for others who may be going through difficult times themselves. What I told myself at the time, what I can tell you now: You are not in danger. You are not going insane. You are not alone.”


  1. Seeing spectral
  2. Everything tilted
  3. Flexford looping
  4. A silence of vision
  5. Derealisation lkx
  6. I no longer knew what to do
  7. Field open wide
  8. Don’t get carried away
  9. All to be footnotes

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