WUNDERHORSE - "CUB" (Released 16th September 2022)




//Communion Records//

£18.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Purple Coloured Vinyl

£18.99 – 1xLP, Standard Edition Vinyl

Wunderhorse is the alias of British musician Jacob Slater, who fronted the Dead Pretties, a London band who arrived in a haze of hedonism and hype, bowing out before the dust had time to settle.

Blink and you’d have missed them. time-stamped yet timeless. If there’s any justice, he’ll soon be played out live in sticky basement rooms up and down the country, limbs everywhere, sweat dripping from the walls. an absolute mess, but what a beautiful one.


Home anyone
Dead is dead
Love all the population
Ain’t no river wide enough
Sunlight in motion
True colours (sometime i’ll get through)
Ain’t no valley low enough
Heaven ho!
God didn’t leave the factory
Right time
Pointless noise
This is my night of compassion

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Coloured Vinyl, Standard Black LP