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ZERO 7 - "YEAR GHOST" (Re-issue) (Released 8th April 2022)




//New State Entertainment//

£19.99 – 2xLP in Gatefold Sleeve

ZERO 7’s 4th album Yeah Ghost from 2009, spans everything from dance pop to acoustic folk and everything in between it’s an idea-splattered work of genius that even includes a quartet of instrumental tracks derived from their experimental side projects and sampled, overdubbed and rebuilt from scratch. From the evocative intro ‘Count Me Out’ to the album’s shuffling, twitchy closer ‘All Of Us’ – via the haunting ‘Solastalgia’ and ‘Ghost sYMbOL’ avant-garde electronic and distorted vocals – it’s Zero 7 as you’ve never heard them before. ‘Destiny’ this aint. One thing that remains consistent though is the roll call of up-and-coming talent on vocal duties, including singer ESKA Mtungwazi. The Londoner, whose collaboration credits include Matthew Herbert and Bugs In The Attic, appears on ‘Mr McGee’, ‘Medicine Man’, ‘Sleeper’ and ‘The Road’ & folk singer songwriter/ painter / filmmaker Martha Tilson for Pop Art Blue.


  1. Count me out
  2. Mr Mcgee
  3. Swing
  4. Everything up [zizou]
  5. Pop art blue
  6. Medicine man
  7. Ghost symbol
  8. Sleeper
  9. Solastalgia
  10. The road
  11. All of us
  12. E sgwers (demo version)
  13. Methods
  14. Ghost symbol (Klang version)

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2xLP Gatefold Vinyl