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Ásgeir - "Time Is On My Hands" (Released 28th October 2022)




//One Little Independant//

£27.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition, Indies Exclusive Glow in the Dark Vinyl

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As one of Iceland’s most successful exports, singer-songwriter Ásgeir has spent the time between his record-breaking debut (now celebrating its 10th anniversary) and today pushing the boundaries of his textured, thoughtful brand of folk-pop.

‘Time On My Hands’ sees Ásgeir in a state of self-reflection and experimentation, having spent much of the last few years in his home and in the studio deeply engrossed in writing, recording, translating and producing. On this album he’s entered new realms of
composition, sensitively layering acoustics with electronics and brass. As with some of his previous work, most notably 2017’s ‘Afterglow’ and 2020’s ‘Bury The Moon’, Ásgeir plays with euphoric and choral elements of electronic pop music while keeping a tight grasp on the introspective, vocal-lead style of the acoustica that made him famous.

Across the LP shuffling jazz drums crack through the layered production beneath them, distant saxophone adds emotional emphasis and, amidst it all, Ásgeir’s singular, pure voice weaves narratives that recall the sparse and dark roads of his Icelandic hometown.


1. Time On My Hands
2. Borderland
3. Snowblind
4. Vibrating Walls
5. Blue
6. Giantess
7. Like I Am
8. Waiting Room
9. Golden Hour
10. Limitless

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