CHROMATICS - "CLOSER TO GREY" //Italians do it Better// (Released *10th January)




£27.99 – 2xLP Blood Red Vinyl

Closer To Grey is the fifth studio album of Portland electronica/synth band Chromatics. Closer To Grey is the first album the band released since 2012. Amongst others, it contains reverent cover versions of Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound Of Silence or Jesus And Mary Chain’s On The Wall. The minimalistic Synth-Sound of previous albums is not lost though, and singer Ruth Radelet proves once again how tender and at the same time powerful a voice can sound.

  1. The sound of silence
  2. You’re no good
  3. Closer to grey
  4. Twist the knife
  5. Light as a feather
  6. Move a mountain
  7. Touch red
  8. Through the looking glass
  9. Whispers in the hall
  10. On the wall
  11. Love theme from closer to grey
  12. Wishing well

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2xLP Coloured Vinyl