DAMAGED BUG - "BUG ON YONKERS" //Castle Face// (Released 24th July)


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£24.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition “Moon Phase” Vinyl

“I first heard Michael Yonkers via the Microminature love reissue (Sub Pop) and was immediately hooked.

I started collecting any piece of his legend that i could…some true, some likely not. he had hand-built all of his gear. he had broken his back. He was part of experimental surgery that left him in lifelong pain. he was a dancer. He was still kicking around making some of the oddest and most contrary-to-contemporary-popular-norms type of music. (A man after my own heart) and then I heard goodby sunball, recorded and released in 1974, the year i was born.

I had and have a very deep connection with this set of songs. I wasn’t sure why, but when i finally met michael, i understood. he was kind and seemingly a pretty regular guy. but he was also a weirdo. a rare bird, waving the true freak music flag, and it didn’t matter what kind of music he made, I loved it all.

So, this record was recorded as a way to reboot and reconnect with some songs that have heavily inspired me over the years. it was hard to pick from his vast catalog, so i just sort of jumped in, with Tom Dolas, Nick Murray, and Brigid Dawson as my band (along with a bevy of others along the way) and these are the tunes that stuck to the wall. i will forever be grateful to Mr Yonkers for bringing me a little joy with his music and inspiring weirdos everywhere.”— John Dwyer, Feb 2020.


  1. Goodbye Sunball
  2. I tried
  3. Microminiature love
  4. Sold america
  5. Smile a while
  6. Sunflower
  7. Lovely gold
  8. The thunder speaks
  9. In my heart

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Ltd "Moonphase" Vinyl

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