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FRANK TURNER - "FTHC" //Polydor// (Released 11th February)




£22.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Red Vinyl with Alternative Artwork

£21.99 – 1xLP, Standard Edition

FTHC is the ninth solo album from British punk and folk artist Frank Turner. Initially striking out as a vocalist in the punk rock band Million Dead, Turner then turned his focus towards a folkier, acoustic-based solo career. Since that time, he has reached international acclaim as a chart-topping, award-winning singer-songwriter. Taking inspiration from early ’80s US hardcore band logos, FTHC stands for Frank Turner Hardcore.


  1. Non serviam
  2. The gathering
  3. Haven’t been doing so well
  4. Untainted love
  5. Fatherless
  6. My bad
  7. Miranda
  8. A wave across a bay
  9. The resurrectionists
  10. Punches
  11. Perfect score
  12. The work
  13. Little life
  14. Farewell to my city

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