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FRAUDS - "LONG SPOONS" //Alcopop!// (Released 1st October)




£13.99 – 1xLP, Very Limited Edition (500 Copies) “Stormy Blue” Vinyl

A cataclysmic mix of rock, riffs and a wry humour that weaves its way across a record absolutely jam packed with punk hits.

It’s angry, but it’s fun. it’s satirical, but it’s ridiculous. the only thing you can be sure about is that they’re heavy as f*ck and they’re not gonna take it anymore!


  1. Opening banquet
  2. Calorie count
  3. Put em up
  4. The entire weekend
  5. Copenhagen
  6. Money honey
  7. Your eyes
  8. Sweet Martha
  9. Woke life
  10. Melchett
  11. Tell her you miss her
  12. Ships
  13. Delorian

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Limited Edition Stormy Blue LP