GONDHAWA - "Käampâla" //Stolen Body Records// (Released 15th October)


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£22.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Indies Exclusive, Orange in Purple Vinyl

Gondhawa is a musical laboratory – a fusion between Fela Kuti’s groove and Hendrix’s electricness.

Formed in 2018 in Angers (France) by Idriss (vocals and guitar), Clément (drums) and Paul (bass), the band explores different styles with a boundless energy. Inspired by French sci-fi literature, they invented a language. Outcomes Gondhawii, a fusion of sounds from all over the world and others as yet unidentified. With this new language the whole mind immerses into a delicious trance where we cross odd rhythms, quarter-tone riffs, oriental groove and electric explosions as well as stringed instruments from other countries. (n’goni, sanxian, microtonal guitar).

Gondhawa release their first album, “Kâampäla”. Six powerful and eclectic tracks dipped in stoner, afrobeat and progressive rock. Six tracks linking convoluted rhythms and inventive riffs.

Through the micro-tonal groove of Raba Dishka, the Afrobeat Stoner power of Käampâla, or the softness of Djoliko, a beautiful ballad lulled by the melancholy of acoustic strings from around the world, Gondhawa delivers the soundtrack of an interstellar road movie. An electric tornado with an abundance of rhythms and textures.


  1. Raba dishka
  2. Konesay
  3. Käampâla
  4. Assid bubu
  5. Fortun qüki
  6. Djoliko

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Coloured Vinyl LP