JANE WEAVER - "SUNSET DREAMS" (Released 8th July 2022)




//Fire Records//

£17.99 – 1×12″ EP

A brand new six-track EP elevating the acclaimed Jane Weaver album, ‘Flock’, to a new esoteric panorama of pop. ‘Sunset Dreams’ features two unreleased tracks from the ‘Flock’ sessions and remixes from W.H. Lung and See Thru Hands.

“Having earned a cult audience for her psychedelia, Weaver makes her version of a pop record, where Kylie-level hooks are set against hallucinatory backings.” The Guardian Featuring the stand-out ‘Sunset Dreams’ in its original breath-taking form. Plus an extended remix of ‘Solarised’, along with northern combo W.H. Lung’s remix of the track.

Furthering the eclectic electronic vibe, there’s also a See Thru Hands mix of ‘The Revolution Of Super Visions’ and two new tracks; ‘The Lexical Distance’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong’, all capturing the pop vision of this ever-morphing electronic pioneer.

“The high priestess of eccentric exploration Jane Weaver goes pop with superlative results.” The Line Of Best Fit The ‘Sunset Dreams’ EP continues the journey.


A1 Sunset Dreams
A2 Solarised (Extended Rework)
A3 The Lexical Distance
B1 The Revolution of Supervisions (See Thru Hands Remix)
B2 Solarised (W.H Lung Remix)
B3 Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong

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