KHALAB & M'BERRA ENSEMBLE - "M'BERRA" //Real World// (Released 23rd April)


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£19.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Yellow Gatefold Vinyl

A city of tents, dry branches, plastic, and sheet metal. Schools and social centres built of mud bricks. Clean water fountains and a community of ingenious musicians. This is the M’berra camp we found four years into its existence. An ephemeral city of 50,000; a budding humanity in a desert of nothingness.

This album captures unique moments spent under the spell of sweeping guitar solos of the musicians of M’berra. This really is an audio-documentary: it lets us listen to music actually played in a specific geographic area but in the meantime, it hints at what that music could sound like in the Future. It carries that music into other dimensions, it merges those musicians’ sound with other sounds, powered by electronics and post-production.


  1. Desert storm
  2. The western guys
  3. Curfew
  4. The griot speaks
  5. We are m’berra
  6. Skit in my heart
  7. Reste à l’ombre
  8. Desert storm pt.2
  9. Moulan Shakur
  10. Docu-fiction
  11. Dancing in a desert moon
  12. Skit guit

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Yellow Vinyl LP

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