KING CREOSOTE – “KY-10” //Triassic Truck Records// (Released *NOW 12th June 2020)


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£26.99 – 1xLP

King Creosote’s new experimental lp based around a comic made out of glass.

The world has no time now for a long story, a slow journey or a considered response, yet this modern life consumes and discards our natural resources as if there was too much time left to clean up the mess. One inhabitant of crail – a buoy headed entity with ridiculous knees – is woken from an aeons long slumber by the momentary, careless thrust of a fossilised pebble from the beach. As KY-10 drifts out of the harbour on an ebbing tide, he is joined by the bipolar gull hrafn, himself a poor substitute for Odin’s own ravens thought and memory, and the pair embark upon a westward journey propelled only by the wind, ocean currents and the occasional tow from an unsuspecting trawler.

Daberlocks (Keny Drew) is a master of the stained glass, and while his illustrated pages are being fired in the kiln he dreams up adventures for KY-10 weaving together marine science, conspiracy theories, pollution havoc and piracy.

Ronnie Hughes, retired Anstruther Fisherman, reads these tales aloud with all the experience gleaned from a lifetime spent battling the north sea. Kwaing Creasite (Kenny Anderson) stays ashore and puts it all to a soundtrack of slowly degrading tape loops, wonky samples and some not so well placed 80s keys.


Standard Black LP