LAURIE ANDERSON - "BRIGHT RED" (Released 22nd July 2022)




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£27.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Numbered, Red Coloured Vinyl

Five years after the release of 1989’s pop-oriented album strange angels, Laurie Anderson followed up with the avant-garde concept album bright red, a Brian Eno production exploring much darker territory.

Eno also co-wrote four tracks; “the puppet motel”, “muddy river”, “poison” and “tightrope”. For the recordings, Anderson was supported by Andrew Belew, who provided guitars on several tracks. Belew is best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of king crimson. during the time of the recording of bright red, Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed just started dating. They collaborated on a number of recordings together, including the duet “in our sleep”, that is featured on bright red.


  1. Speechless
  2. Bright red
  3. The puppet motel
  4. Speak my language
  5. World without end
  6. Freefall
  7. Muddy river
  8. Beautiful Pea Green boat
  9. Love among the sailors
  10. Poison
  11. In our sleep (ft. Lou Reed)
  12. Night in Baghdad
  13. Tightrope
  14. Same time tomorrow

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