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£31.99 – Dinked Edition #297


● Red & black “Blood Galaxy” 2LP *
● Special sleeve with red foiling *
● Signed & hand-numbered riso print *
● Deluxe lyric booklet (exclusive artwork & photography) *
● Silver printed inners *
● Limited pressing of 900 *
*EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition


£30.99 – Indies Blood Moon Coloured x2 LP


£28.99 – Black x2 LP



The UK’s first and only emo band Los Campesinos! return with their highly-anticipated seventh album, ‘All Hell’. It is perhaps their most ambitious and assured album yet, whilst simultaneously recalling everything we’ve come to love about LC! over their faultless discography. Recorded between October 2023 and February 2024, it is the first album to be wholly self-produced by band member Tom Bromley (having co-produced previous albums ‘Sick Scenes’ and ‘NO BLUES’). The album is also self-released on the band’s
own Heart Swells record label.

In the band’s words ‘All Hell’ is an album about…Drinking for fun and drinking for misery // adult acne // adult friendship // football // death and dying // love and sex // late-stage capitalism // Orpheus // day dreaming // night terrors // the heart as an organ and as a burden // Tears of the Kingdom // the punks on the playlist // increments of time // climate apocalypse // the
moon the moon the moon///

Los Campesinos! have become one of the most important and influential cult acts in the UK since they formed in the mid-2000s. Starting out in the Cardiff indie scene and soundtracking Budweiser adverts, the seven-piece’s musical evolution since then has been slow, steady and remarkable. From the frenzied chaos of debut album ‘Hold On Now, Youngster…’ (2008) through 2010 breakthrough ‘Romance is Boring’ and the self-mythologising of latter day highlights ‘NO BLUES’ (2013) and ‘Sick Scenes’ (2017), their discography is an interconnected web of niche references, big swings and unflinching honesty.

Making self-professed sleeper hits for weeping dipshits, they’re as influenced by The Beautiful South as they are US emo, with emotional intensity and connection always at the core. Their lyrics are a treasure trove of football references, tales of romantic woe and painfully frank exorcisms, which have been tattooed across hundreds of fans’ bodies and served as comfort and insight during that break-up you had (there’s a reason the band’s tagline is “your ex-girlfriend’s favourite band”).

Now with the release of ‘All Hell’, Los Camp! approach their third decade as a band more brilliant, more potent and more vital than ever.


Side A
A1 The Coin-Op Guillotine 04:19
A2 Holy Smoke (2005) 02:56
A3 A Psychic Wound 04:02
A4 I. Spit; or, a Bite Mark In The Shape Of The Sunflower State

Side B
B1 Long Throes 04:19
B2 Feast Of Tongues 05:02
B3 The Order Of The Seasons 03:57
B4 II. Music For Aerial Toll House 00:52

Side C
C1 To Hell In a Handjob 04:11
C2 Clown Blood/Orpheus’ Bobbing Head 03:57
C3 kms 02:35
C4 III. Surfing a Contrail 00:39

Side D
D1 Moonstruck 03:28
D2 0898 HEARTACHE 05:16
D3 Adult Acne Stigmata 02:54



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Dinked Edition #297, Indies Blood Moon Coloured x2 LP, Black x2 LP