NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - "BARN" //Warner Records// (Released 10th December)




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Neil Young and Crazy Horse have announced Barn, the follow up to 2019’s Colorado.

Neil explains that the title comes from the place it was recorded: a barn in the mountains of Colorado that was built to replace the 1850s barn that had collapsed in that very same location.

Talking about lead single “Song of the Seasons”, Neil explained on his NYA that it was, “Written in Canada about a year ago, it’s the oldest song on Barn. There was a recording of the song done in my hometown that is the earliest. This is the first one with Crazy Horse! It starts the album.”


Side A
Song Of The Seasons
Heading West
Change Ain’t Never Gonna Come
Shape Of You
They Might Be Lost

Side B
Today’s People
Tumblin’ Through The Years
Welcome Back
Don’t Forget Love

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