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NICO AND THE FACTION - "CAMERA OBSCURA" RSD22 (Released 23rd April 2022)




//Beggars Banquet//

£26.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Blue Vinyl

Records Store Day 2022

Camera Obscura is legendary Velvet Underground performer Nico’s final studio album. It was produced by John Cale and features the backing band The Faction. It if it does not sound positively comfortable – listening to Nico remains a cathartic, solitary experience – it’s at least less despairing than its predecessors.


  1. Camera obscura
  2. Tananore
  3. Win a few
  4. My funny valentine
  5. Das lied von einsanen mädchens
  6. Fearfully in danger
  7. My heart is empty
  8. Into the arena
  9. Konig

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1xLP Limited Edition Vinyl