slow readers club the wait / national instituion //modern sky// (Released 20th June)


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£8.99 – Limited Red 7″

the slow readers club are to release a new single, a fan favourite from their top 10 album, “the joy of the return”.

“the wait” will be released on a limited edition 7” as part of #loverecordstores, with a previously unreleased b-side, “national institution”. the band explain; “’the wait’ is a dark, fast paced in your face love song with big guitars and a beat you can dance to. lyrically, it’s about anticipation, waiting to see someone you love, waiting to completely surrender yourself. and the feeling that your love for that person is the only thing that matters. ‘national institution’ is a surreal head spinning comment on the british national mood in recent years. it’s a bit off it’s head that tune, just like the uk can be at times. being involved in #loverecordstores makes total sense to us. the world has literally stopped and part of that means a load of independent record shops don’t have customers. yeah, they can go online but there’s something about walking into a shop, smelling the vinyl and just buzzin’ that you’re there to buy something you hope to fall in love with. hopefully being involved can go some way to making sure that these stores are here for us when we come through this.”