Temples - Hot Motion //ATO Records// (Released 27th September)




£22.99 – Indies Only Mixed Colour Splatter Vinyl LP w/ Zoetrope Labels

£19.99 – Limited Edition Red & Black Marbled Vinyl LP

Temples return with their third album, Hot Motion. A brilliantly crafted, thoughtfully recorded collection, the album’s propulsive, seemingly immediate songs soon reveal an impressive depth of ideas and energy with subsequent listens because, as its title warns, Hot Motion is not a record that stands still.

“I’m excited for people to experience these songs for the first time” declares singer and guitarist James Bagshaw. “They are constructed in such a way that the album should feel relatively instantaneous, but we did not water down our creative ideas. Getting that balance can be hard, perhaps on the last record on some songs we used too many layers to create depth, but making this album we discovered that depth doesn’t simply come by layering things, it can come from the intensity of an idea”.

As with the band’s first two LPs, debut Sun Structures (2014) and follow-up Volcano (2017), the group retain their enviably poppy instincts, whilst creating a host of brand new guitar sounds for this record, taking a lead from the “simplicity” of some 70s rock recordings which ensured the fundamentals behind each track are organic and original. “We were hiding less behind synth sounds and delays, which meant that the pureness of the melodic construct of each song was more thought through” continues Bagshaw. “There was an element of less is more in some places”.

Fizzing with ideas, bursting with kinetic energy and balancing an immediate impact with an enduring, timeless intensity, Hot Motion is an album that very much provides a snapshot one of Britain’s most progressive bands’ soul, while offering its audience a starting point for their own flights of emotion and imagination.

Don’t delay this life-affirming trip awaits.

The VERY Limited Edition Indies Only US Import features Animated Zoetrope Labels on Forest Green & Tan with Red & Yellow Splatter Mixed Coloured Vinyl, with gatefold jacket, double-sided fold-out poster, custom inner sleeve, and digital download card!


  1. Hot Motion
  2. You’re Either On Something
  3. Holy Horses
  4. The Howl
  5. Context
  6. The Beam
  7. Not Quite The Same
  8. Atomise
  9. It’s All Coming Out
  10. Step Down
  11. Monuments

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Indies Only Mixed Colour Splatter Vinyl LP w/ Zoetrope Labels, Limited Edition Red & Black Marbled Vinyl LP