VARIOUS ARTISTS - "BACK TO THE FUTURE" (2021 RE-ISSUE) //UMC// (Released 9th April)


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£18.99 – 1xLP

Released in 1985, back to the future has been a staple for fans of classic 80s movies.

Travel back in time with the iconic soundtrack with songs like “Earth Angel,” “Johnny B. Goode,” and Huey Lewis & the News’ “the Power of Love”.


  1. “The power of love” – Huey Lewis & the News (side a)
  2. “Time bomb town” – Lindsey Buckingham (side a)
  3. “Back to the Future” – the Outatime Orchestra (side a)
  4. “Heaven is one step away” – Eric Clapton (side a)
  5. “Back in Time” – Huey Lewis & the News (side a)
  6. “Back to the Future overture” – the Outatime Orchestra (side b)
  7. “The Wallflower (dance with me Henry)” – Etta James, Richard Berry (side b)
  8. “Night Train” – Marvin Berry & the Starlighters (side b)
  9. “Earth Angel (will you be mine?)” – Marvin berry & the Starlighters (side b)
  10. “Johnny B. Goode” – Marty McFly & the Starlighters (side b)

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