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While She Sleeps – “Self Hell” (Released 29th March 2024)






£24.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Indies Exclusive White and Black Marbled Vinyl


£24.99 – 1xLP,  Limited Edition Indies Exclusive Curacao Blue Coloured Vinyl 


£24.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Silver Nugget Coloured Vinyl


In a strange way, this feels like a second debut, we have the same excitement and nervousness around releasing it, like it’s the first step of the band’s career. Our youthful inspirations have taken the forefront on this record. We find the scene that we’re associated with overcrowded, diluted, and for the most part uninspiring. This isn’t an admission of some cocky attitude towards our ‘superior’ music, more so that we’ve been drawing inspiration from an array of misfit artists far from where you would usually pigeonhole While She Sleeps rather than the typical metalcore movement that surrounds heavy music. Each member has brought in a different perspective of inspiration so far apart in genre that it has left us with a very odd and satisfying sonic. To name a few, Kendrick Lamar, Aphex Twin, Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim, Limp Bizkit, Radiohead, Gorillaz, Bicep, Rammstein, AFI, Janes Addiction, Placebo, Deafheaven, Alice In Chains.


That old-school buzz of the Brit-pop scene in the 90s has somehow made its way back home into our melodies and the whole swagger of the album. We were all brought up in mining villages and considered common lower-class folk. As kids, we all grew up on the ‘sounds of England’, the sound of nothing to lose and everything to gain.




  1. peace of mind
  2. leave me alone
  3. rainbows
  4. self hell
  5. wildfire
  6. no feelings is final
  7. dopesick
  8. down
  9. to the flowers
  10. out of the blue
  11. enemy mentality
  12. radical hatred / radical love

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Indies Curacao Blue LP, Indies Limited Marbled Vinyl, Limited Silver Vinyl