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BEAR'S DEN AND PAUL FRITH - "FRAGMENTS" //Communion// (Released 18th September)




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“Fragments” is a collaboration album between Bear’s Den and award-winning composer Paul Frith, stemming from some live shows in 2018.

“Fragments” sees Paul Frith rework and arrange a number of songs from the Bear’s Den catalogue with an orchestra; from adding orchestral flourishes to the originals to completely pulling apart and reimagining tracks – hence “Fragments”.

Bear’s Den are beloved by their fans for the way their songs have woven themselves into the fabric of some of the most bittersweet chapters of their lives. Last April the band released their 3rd album ‘So That You Might Hear Me’ which debuted at no. 13 in the UK charts, no. 4 in Belgium, and top 40 in Germany.

‘So that you might hear me’, was the follow-up to 2016’s expansive ‘Red Earth & Pouring Rain’ which reached number six in the UK chart, and 2014’s ‘Islands’, which earned them an Ivor Novello nomination.


  1. Fuel on the fire – fragments
  2. Auld wives – fragments
  3. Can’t you hear it in the silence
  4. Crow – fragments
  5. As the clouds began to part
  6. Isaac – fragments
  7. Fireworks flashing
  8. When you break – fragments
  9. Broken parable – fragments
  10. Breaker / keeper – fragments
  11. Lightning trying to put out a spark
  12. Napoleon – fragments

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