Howe Gelb - Gathered //Fire Records// (Released 8th March)


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£21.99 – Indies Only Gold Vinyl LP

£19.99 – Standard LP

Gathered is the 24th solo studio album from Giant Sand mainman Howe Gelb. Following the two much-praised jazz-tinged Future Standards (2016 & 2017) collections, a wider bet captures Gelb’s discordant phrasings and clever romantic lyricism.

Gelb is joined on the album by a host of collaborators from all over the world, including M. Ward, Gabriel Naim Amor, Fernando Vacas, Juan Panki, The Lost Brothers, Anna Karina, JB Meijers, Kira Skov and his own daughter Talula.

The album focuses on Gelb’s celebrated song-writing style, filled with emotive tunes and heart-warming arrangements invariably offset by gorgeous discordant moments; a chance meeting of the indie/alt country Sinatra annotated by clever wordplay, teased by tongue twisters and an earthy ramble.


  1. On The Fence
  2. A Thousand Kisses Deep (feat. M. Ward)
  3. Not The End Of The World (feat Anna Karina)
  4. Anna
  5. Give It Up
  6. The Open Road
  7. Moon River (feat. Talula Gelb)
  8. Flyin’ Off The Rails
  9. Gathered (feat. Pieta Brown)
  10. All You Need To Know
  11. The Park At Dark
  12. My Little World
  13. Presumptuous (feat. Kira Skov)
  14. Storyteller

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Indies Only Gold Vinyl LP, Standard LP