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Ocean Colour Scene – “It’s a Beautiful Thing – the Best Of (2024 Re-Issue)” (Released 5th July 2024)






£31.99 – 2xLP


Contains all 17 of their UK top 40 singles (including ‘You’ve Got it Bad’, ‘the Day we Caught the Train’, ‘the Circle’, ‘Hundred Mile High City’, ‘Travellers Tune’, and ‘Better Day’).


Side a

1. Yesterday today
2. Giving it all away
3. The riverboat song
4. You’ve got it bad (single edit)
5. The day we caught the train
6. The Circle

Side b

1. hundred mile city (single version)
2. travellers tune
3. better day
4. it’s a beautiful thing – with p. p. arnold
(radio edit)
5. profit in peace (single edit)
6. so low

Side c

1. July (new version)
2. I am the news (new version)
3. Up on the downside (radio edit)
4. I just need myself
5. Make the deal (radio edit)
6. Golden Gate Bridge

Side D

1. Free my name
2. This day should last forever
3. I told you so
4. I just got over you (radio edit)
5. Go to sea (radio edit)
6. Saturday (radio edit)
7. Painting
8. Standing in the place that you used to do

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