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Record Store Day 2024



We are proud to announce this year’s list of exclusive and special releases coming on Saturday 20th April.

Fans can expect collectible and limited-edition records from the likes of Jessie Ware, Noah Kahan, Gabriels, Katy J Pearson, Blur, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and many more!

Hundreds of artists have come together to celebrate the UK’s independent record shops which are at the heart of local communities up and down the country.

Artists, labels, and stores on every continent in the world* have signed up for the 17th edition of the annual event which champions the unique culture of independent record shops and the art of vinyl.



We’ll be open from 8am until 5pm


View this years list of treasures below

Record Store Day List 2024 PDF


*We will also be stocking Kate Bush – Eat The Music (RSD Edition) Fish People & Olivia Rodrigo “Stick Season”/Noah Kahan “Lacy” which has been just announced*


View the official RSD 2024 list with *Rough* guide pricing RSD 24 – P&V Approx Pricing


It’s really important and even more helpful, if you plan to buy something for record store day – please let us know what you want. We have to buy all of this stock in, and we don’t want to be left with much (anything).


Using the RSD 24 list above, Please send your wishlist to


We will confirm that your desired title will be available in store on the day.


Please note:


we cannot take pre-orders or reservations.


This includes customers not able to come to the shop to make a purchase. Sorry.


*See more below if you don’t want to physically enter the shop but can queue*


*Any remaining stock will go ONLINE from Monday 22nd April at 8pm*


Predicted RSD 2024 releases available online HERE



About Pie&Vinyl


Just to mention, this will be our 13th record store day, during our 12th year open.


We adhere to the spirit of Record Store Day, which is designed to encourage music buyers to visit Record Stores both on the day & even more so after the event.


We are proud to have great relationships with the distributors and labels, and support them all year around.


For this reason, we receive a really good level of stock of all titles.


We add our standard margins on to the cost we pay to keep the price in line with any other release we stock.


We want you to have a great experience and come back week after week to buy records, that’s the point of this




Rules and fair play on Record Store Day


To maintain the principle of first come first served, and to give people the chance to find titles safely we will run the door with a ‘Common Sense Policy’. We will let people in when we feel there is enough room to safely enjoy the experience we offer.


The queue will move as quickly as possible whilst being as safe as possible.


Social distancing won’t be in affect, along with mandatory mask wearing. Both will be a personal choice, and will be respected at all times.


For anyone that would prefer to purchase from outside the shop, when you reach front of the queue, we’ll be happy to take wish lists and process any payments outside. If you have any special requirements, please get in touch – we’d love to help.


To give everyone a fair chance; 1 TITLE PER CUSTOMER, as many different titles as you like, first come first served.


We will encourage customers to spend 15 mins max in the shop, to help move the queue along. If you need longer, that’s fine but we ask you to be mindful of your fellow music lover in the queue.


The Queue

We never take for granted that there will be one, but we want to reassure you that we will make you experience as comfortable as possible.


The historic Castle Road is now permanently closed, with plenty of room to set up camp and feel safe.


Many friendships have been made throughout the night over the years, and it’s been amazing to witness this.


We’ll keep you furnished with tea and coffee throughout, and make sure you are comfortable. There will be breakfast available for those who have made it through the night.


We’ll have loads of freebies to give away to everyone that visits the shop on Saturday – highlights include, free Tote bags, many signed prints, promo’s, posters, T Shirts, stickers and many other things (as we find them in the vault 🙂




Lenco celebrate Record Store Day with Pie & Vinyl and DJ Yoda

First three customers through the door at Pie & Vinyl get a Lenco 3810 turntable and signed vinyl from DJ Yoda…

On Saturday April 20th at 8am, legendary Portsmouth record store Pie & Vinyl opens for Record Store Day 2024. Vinyl fans can expect collectible and limited-edition records from the likes of Jessie Ware, Noah Kahan, Gabriels, Katy J Pearson, Blur, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and many more…

Customers on the day can listen to albums on the newly installed Lenco 3810 turntable to experience hi-fi quality sound and get the most out of brand new records.

The Lenco 3810 boasts a simple, direct drive system which means set up takes less than a minute and the built-in amp means you can easily connect the Lenco 3810 to a wireless speaker like the Audio Pro C20 or existing hi-fi system with the included cables.

At £279, the Lenco 3810 is a great choice for a first turntable and both the cartridge and amplifier can be upgraded over time and for your archive collection, the Lenco 3810 can even rip your records to your laptop so you can listen to your rare finds on the go.

The three winners visiting Pie & Vinyl will also get a signed vinyl album from DJ Yoda – his defining Home Cooking release. For his latest tour schedule, click here.

Winston Eade from Lenco says “Record Store Day is a chance for everyone to enjoy vinyl but also a chance for people to actually experience vinyl and we made the Lenco 3810 with the first time vinyl fan in mind, someone who demands great sound but a fuss free set up too”
Steve from Pie & Vinyl says “we are delighted and humbled to be able to reward our most excellent customers efforts even more this year, by offering such a quality turntable. What will come first, a shower and sleep or playing your new records on the Lenco 3810?”

For more images and information on the Lenco 3810, click here.

The Lenco 3810 is available to buy now.