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SONIKKU - "JOYFUL DEATH" //Bella Union// (Released 17th April)




£19.99 – 1xLP Limited Edition Mint Green Vinyl (plus DL Code)

Joyful Death is the new album from Sonikku released via Bella Union. Tony Donson is the London-based musician who records as Sonikku.

“I love songs that make you want to cry and dance at the same time”. That sense of unfettered release and liberation drives  Joyful Death. A fluent, fertile and full-colour hybrid of vibrant Italo-house, liquid synth-pop, righteous disco and French philosophical asides, it’s an album that signals the emergence proper of Sonikku as a fully formed dancefloor artist. It’s also a farewell of sorts, perhaps, but with an emphatic rebirth at its heart. “This album feels like a transformation in the sense that I’m creating the music I’ve always wanted to make. A fully realised, coherent pop record that showcases my craft as a song-writer and producer.”

Total control of his craft is swiftly asserted on track ‘Let the Light In’, where the influences of lost-in-music disco and the Pet Shop Boys merge under vocals from immersive, exploratory British singer-songwriter Douglas Dare. The pace accelerates as ‘WKND’ gets into a groove pitched somewhere between Madonna, Daft Punk and Indeep, with LA future-pop singer LIZ primed for dancefloor abandon on vocals. Meanwhile, Sonikku’s independent intent is firmly asserted on the freestyle-inspired ‘Don’t Wanna Dance with You’, where singer Aisha Zoe coolly brushes off unwanted advances in favour of dancefloor pleasures. With help from friends and artists he admires on vocals, Joyful Death is a hugely confident and self-contained leap forward for Sonikku.


1. Let The Light In – feat. Douglas Dare
2. WKND – feat. LIZ
3. Don’t Wanna Dance With You – feat. Aisha Zoe
4. Sweat – feat LIZ
5. X Hopeless Romantic – feat, Little Boots
6. Remember To Forget Me – feat. Chester Lockhart
7. Joyful Death – feat. Tyler Matthew Oyer
8. Remember 2 Forget Me (Piano Version) – feat. Douglas Dare

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1xLP Mint Green Vinyl (with DL code)