THE WANNADIES - "VASTERBOTTEN" (Released 17th June 2022)





£57.99 – 2xLP, Very Limited Edition Vinyl with Bonus Covers 12″

£49.99 – 2xLP, Standard Edition Vinyl

The very best of 21 non-album exclusive b-sides 1992-1999.

The Wannadies from västerbotten Sweden were the one of the most successful bands in the wave of indiepop bands that made it in the 90’s. Their powerpop/britpop had them move to London and with several singles in the British charts (with you and me song being their biggest hit) they got to release a lot of singles with exclusively recorded b-sides.


  1. Pathetico
  2. Crucify me
  3. Are you exclusive
  4. Lift me up (don’t let me down)
  5. I like you a lalalala lot
  6. Taking the easy way out
  7. Why
  8. (Yeah yeah yeah) in your face
  9. Trick me
  10. Everybody loves me
  11. Let go oh oh
  12. As if you care
  13. Love and hate
  14. Can’t get enough of tha
  15. Princess spoon
  16. Birds
  17. Love is dead
  18. After all
  19. That’s all (version)
  20. Shorty (version)
  21. You and me song (version)
  22. Lee Remick (bonus 12″ only)
  23. Blister in the sun (bonus 12″ only)
  24. I got a right (bonus 12″ only)
  25. Short people (bonus 12″ only)

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2xLP plus 12", 2xLP Standard Edition