Violent Femmes - Hotel Last Resort //PIAS// (Released 30th August)




£19.99 – LP

The Violent Femmes will release Hotel Last Resort, the band’s tenth studio album and first in three years; and the first recorded by the group’s new four-piece lineup. The record is preceded by the title track, featuring Television’s Tom Verlaine. Original band members Gordon Gano and Brian Ritchie are joined by longtime collaborators and Horns Of Dilemma members John Sparrow and Blaise Garza and recorded the 13-track album in Denver, enlisting help from both Verlaine and pro skateboarder Stefan Janoski, who sings on a new recording of “I’m Nothing” from New Times (1994).

Ritchie, the band’s bassist, told Rolling Stone magazine: “I think it’s probably the best one we’ve made since Hallowed Ground. Which is a long time. It’s just a very focused album, the songs all hold together. It’s a classic album, in the sense that people should actually sit down and listen to the whole thing. It’s not too long. It’s short, it’s punchy, it’s solid, it’s to the point, goes a few different directions but it always comes back to the core approach and then it’s over. Hopefully you’ll think ‘I want to hear that again’”.


  1. Another Chorus
  2. I Get What I Want
  3. I’m Nothing (feat. Stefan Janoski)
  4. Adam Was A Man
  5. Not OK
  6. Hotel Last Resort (feat. Tom Verlaine)
  7. Everlasting You
  8. It’s All Or Nothing
  9. I’m Not Gonna Cry
  10. This Free Ride
  11. Paris To Sleep
  12. Sleepin’ At The Meetin’
  13. God Bless America

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