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Yann Tiersen - Lagniappe Session (RSD Drop 3) //MUTE// (Released 24th October)


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£10.99 – Mushroom Pink LP

Yann Tiersen’s Lagniappe Session is a special limited edition 12” of 3 tracks recorded for the Los Angeles-based audio journal, Aquarium Drunkard. Originally created to support Yann’s most recent album, Portrait, where he re-recorded a number of tracks from throughout his career, these tracks all fit the mood of that recording and Yann’s most recent tours. Pieces that could be described as minimalist are uprooted and placed into entirely different realms, as Tiersen tackles a 16+ minute Steve Reich piece, a classic Françoise Hardy chanson, and a tune by country gospel musician E.C. Ball. In the hands of Tiersen all become transformed.