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Horse Jumper of Love – “Disaster Trick” Album Release Live Show




Join us on Saturday 17th August  2024 at 6:00pm for a super intimate instore show & signing session, as we celebrate the new album “Disaster Trick” On Run For Cover records.



All formats will be collected before the instore performance. This acts as your ticket. We’ll send more entry details nearer to the time of the show.


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One Purchase Per Person for Entry.


Ticket Bundles are:


£27.99 – Limited Edition Indies Exclusive Half Cream & Half Grey Coloured Vinyl & Entry To The Instore Show


£27.99 – Standard Black Vinyl & Entry To The Instore Show


This is an ‘instore show’, designed to encourage purchasing physical copies of the new album.


Each copy you purchase, will be ‘chart’ scanned by us in the shop and will help the artist reach a high chart position. 


This has many benefits for the band, and means that as a fan – you helped contribute to that success!


As a record shop, we want to encourage the culture of buying physical music and also means we can host more of these amazing intimate shows!


More on the new record below…



Horse Jumper of Love thrive on patient and pummeling songs. Since 2013, the Boston trio of singer-guitarist Dimitri Giannopoulos, bassist John Margaris, and drummer James Doran have slowly stretched the fringes of indie rock across five full-length LPs. Their music unwinds with gutting emotional intensity thanks to Giannopoulos’ impressionistic lyrics and how the arrangements violently lurch from delicate to bludgeoning. Disaster Trick, the band’s new album via Run For Cover, is their most direct and uncompromising LP yet. Its 11 songs tackle self-destructiveness and healing with jolting lucidity.


Where the band’s last LP 2023’s Heartbreak Rules excelled with quiet, bare-bones songwriting, Disaster Trick cranks up the volume and boasts some of the most expansive arrangements of the band’s catalog. Recorded at Asheville, North Carolina’s Drop of Sun Studios with producer Alex Farrar, the recordings soar with searing guitars and a thunderous rhythm section. “I tried the quiet thing on the last album and I realized there’s definitely two parts of me: I like really heavy music, and I like really gentle music,” says Giannopoulos. “The two albums I was listening to the most, while we were in the studio were the Leonard Cohen’s Songs From a Room and Hum’s Downward is Heavenward.”


Disaster Trick is a dark record but it’s never dour. There’s a glimmer of hope and humor throughout these 11 songs, written with the grace that only time and growing up can bring. As he sings on “Death Spiral,” “I know it sounds dramatic / But I must describe / The way that it felt.” There’s catharsis when it’s needed most. “This album is a reflection on destructive behavior from a lens of more clarity,” says Giannopoulos. “A lot of the songs came out of this point where things in my life were going well but I couldn’t accept it. I was being a brat. Disaster Trick is me cleaning up my act a bit and reflecting on it.”



  1. Snow angel
  2. Wink
  3. Today’s iconoclast
  4. Word
  5. Lip reader wait by the stairs
  6. Heavy metal
  7. Curtain
  8. Death spiral
  9. Gates of heaven
  10. Nude descending

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Half Cream & Half Grey Coloured Vinyl & Entry To The Instore Show, Standard Black Vinyl & Entry To The Instore Show